• Lady Lebz

    LadyLebz (Real name Lebogang Matlotlo Motingoe) is a new hailing from Freeway Park,Boksburg,South Africa. At the age of 21, she made her debut on Atal Music with "You Couldn't Stay" of which she did with DJ Thes-Man who is also her music mentor in the industry.

    Both Thes-Man and LadyLebz went to high school together and it is then where their relationship grew. She was initially interested in Hip Hop and still is but has now grown a new and found love for the scenes of House Music. She listens to the likes of Vinny Da Vinci,Fresh,Liquid Deep,to name just a few and it's from there where her inspiration and interest for singing and adding vocals came about. She is naturally a cool,calm and collected humble soul,who aims to grow more throughout this journey. What keeps her grounded is music,prayer,her loved ones and believes with God all things are possible. Something to ride home about.